Tough hardware for sensor networking in the wild, where no grid power is available.

Ecosensory designs and sells radio linked measuring and control systems that can be deployed/rearranged quickly, run for years, and send data back and forth anywhere on the internet.

Our systems are made to be spaced 150 meters apart on the land and priced so you can use more of them to get your job done. We achieve low costs plus good flexibility by designing with flat flex connectors and function targeted modules that do one thing well. Flat flex cables allow many choices in packaging besides being low cost: module boards can fit almost anywhere in an enclosure with the right cable.

The ecossensory networking software is from a collaborative project called TinyOS. The code is based on the c language and functions as a real time operatiing system for low power low cost computer and radio systems, usually referred to as nodes. TinyOS has been evolving for years and version 2.0.2 (Feb 2008) has very good self-healing routing abilities and robust modular code that keeps on working as new features are added. With T2, (TinyOS 2.x), we can debug any new requested features better than ever so you can "just collect cata" instead of spending too much time programming. The data rate you can expect using T2 on ecosens1 nodes is detailed here: t2network

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